Kelpie Welfare UK
Supporting Kelpies across the UK
Kelpie Welfare has rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed many, many Kelpies, some of whom would otherwise have been put to sleep.

Kelpie Welfare is committed to promoting the breed in a responsible manner, educating existing rescue organisations on recognising and dealing with this special breed, and working with breeders to ensure responsible breeding of their own dogs and their dog’s progeny.

Kelpie Welfare has a register of dogs under its care, in foster homes throughout the UK, as well as working closely with other rescue organisations to find suitable homes for dogs they have in their care.
Kelpie Welfare helps existing Kelpie owners with advice and provides support to other rescue organisations with breed specific advice, rehoming and rehabilitation issues.

Kelpie Welfare ensures all adopters are committed to an excellent standard of care for their Kelpie with a legally binding adoption agreement. If these standards are not met, or circumstances change, we will bring the dog back into or care where needed.

Kelpie Welfare provides full lifetime support to all the dogs that pass through its care.